Create on your tablet and Fork

  • Tablet/Smartphone is
    • Powerful processor
    • Touch screen
    • Wi-Fi
    • GSM + 4G
    • Camera
    • Large amount of memory
    • Microphone+Speaker
  • Fork is
    • A set of different inputs/outputs
    • All inputs/outputs are equipped with the necessary protection for reliability
    • Output are even ready for direct relay control
    • Inputs are goods for automative grade
    • Ethernet and Wi-Fi on board
    • HTTP and TCP/IP Socket based API
    • Works at low and high temperatures
    • Industrial grade EMI
    • Standart USB Power Supply

And together they are a modern, reliable platform for your creativity!

From simple
  • Temperature regulation
  • Automated plants watering
  • Robot arm control
To complex
  • Voice control
  • Video image analysis
  • Working with Artificial intelligence
    During the global pandemic, when everyone has to self-isolate, our Fork saves tea and coffee lovers. Control the activation of the kettle from a distance from your smartphone. You will need a browser, html, a teapot, a Fork, and unlimited imagination!
    Fork vs Covid-19
    Program your devices
    • The most popular language
    • Cross-browser compatibility
    • Common languages for Android
    • Access to the tablet's peripherals
    • Multiple development tools
    • A wide range of frameworks
    • Big community
    Java/Kotlin, app constructors
    Buy Fork: Only board

    Engineers from these countries work with the Fork

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