Need company gifts or corporate merch?
Show the love&care towards everyone important for your business with high quality device
Encourage Prospects to Become Customers
Gifting can motivate those who are not yet your customers to become one. Sending the right gift at the right time can be the motivator for prospects to take a desired action.
This can be a great way to start an awesome client relationship.
Build Relationships With Clients
Clients can benefit from a well-timed gift in pandemic time. And they will be grateful to you for your care and attention.
Motivate and Inspire Your Team
Your employees are your most valuable asset — take care of them with a generous and heartfelt approach to corporate gifting.
Benefit of Flem
Enjoy purified water
With FLEM the people you care about will drink quality and healthy water anywhere.
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Scientists have found that water contains a large number of microorganisms that can adversely affect the human body. Moreover, in standing water, the number of bacteria grows significantly, which increases the risk of negative effects. Classic water filtration systems cannot provide sufficient purification. The lid is designed to conveniently attach the Flem Compact to the mug and prevent UV rays from scattering.
The mug is equipped with an electric propeller that starts rotating when the power is turned on. The propeller creates a movement of water towards the surface - where the Flem Compact UV diodes are located. It's on the water surface where the UV rays are undispersed and have the maximum disinfection effect.
Sterilize anything
Flem is so easy to carry around, you will be sterilizing everything you own whenever you have a few seconds of free time.

Pretty cool, right?
We have developed a unique mechanism that always protects the eyes and makes Flem entirely safe for use. Flem constantly monitors the position of the device in space. If a person wants to turn it upside down to check out the LEDs, for example, potentially exposing their eyes, the gadget automatically turns off.

The built-in timer counts down and shows the operating time of the sterilizer. The recommended minimum is 20 seconds.
Breathe easy with recirculation
Simply close the shutter to activate recirculated air mode and enjoy fresh clean air anytime!
Recirculation is the only effective way to disinfect the air you breathe. This feature can be used in your car, office space or anywhere else you might be concerned about air quality.
for HOME
for CAR
Totally wireless device
One touch for conveniently disinfect all the things in the bag.
Power Bank with fast charge
Get rid of unneeded devices! Power bank and sterilizer in a tiny gadget. It doesn't need wires.
The power bank inside Flem serves not only to charge your other devices, but also gives it the power to work continuously for 24 hours without needing to be recharged itself.
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Clients & employees
Care for everyone
I was given a present in the company as a regular guest I did not expect!
Our company bought these devices at the beginning of the pandemic and now our disease rates have decreased.
I use Flem every day and feel safe!
I consider it a good tradition to give gifts that bring benefits. Flem is one of them
I work at the reception and the device helps to quickly clean the handles that customers use.
I throw Flem into a gym bag and purify the air from bacteria that may be in the gym.
It was a pleasant surprise when the management of the bank where I work gave us a device for health.
I was given a Flem for my birthday and I am very happy!
Flem helps me clean any surfaces around me!
I was given a device at work and now I don't worry about my health!
I really like using Flem at work and at home
We purchased Flem for our customers and branded it with a logo. A great gift turned out!
Now I am not afraid of viruses and bacteria in public transport.
Together with a set of Flem, we have solved the issue of pure water
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