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NOTA - check your moles!

Safe, or a lurking danger? Check your mole and get the result in 20 seconds!
There are several causes of melanoma:
Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer type that disguises itself as a common mole.

The device can be used to identify possible skin cancer at its early stage, vastly increasing the odds of limiting the necessary treatment to surgical removal of the mole, avoiding the need of chemotherapy, and preventing metastases from spreading in your body.
Skin cancer in 1st degree relatives
Frequent sunburns
UV radiation (from the sun and solarium)
Many moles
Light skin&hair type
The best skin cancer prevention is to regularly inspect your moles at home!
Scientific fact - Melanoma differs from a normal mole by responding differently to an electrical impulse.
NOTA is based on the scientific breakthroughs made throughout the past century.

The technology works by comparing the signal from a healthy patch of skin with that of a suspected melanoma.
NOTA mole tracker is completely safe to use for children, seniors, and pregnant women.
The bioimpedance analysis technology at the NOTA’s core is commonly used in fitness trackers and smart scales that are capable of determining your body composition (muscle, fat and bone ratio).

How to detect skin cancer at home?

Use our Mobile App to photograph the mole
Use the NOTA to inspect the mole
Get the results in 20 seconds!
Examine all moles using your phone
NOTA fits in the palm of your hand easily, and it’s convenient to carry on travel.
Suspicious moles require regular monitoring. You can set up reminders in the App to keep track!
The app keeps measurement history for every individual mole, and you can easily compare the data.
Personal Profile
Keep track of your medical records by entering your doctor’s diagnoses in the app. This data is synced to your account, and will remain available even if you change your phone.
One for all
Install the NOTA app for every household member and use the same device together.
We offer a detailed video guide on how to use the device, and our customer service agents are always ready to answer your questions.
Need to know
1) We strongly encourage early diagnosis of skin cancer;
2) No device or application can replace a qualified healthcare professional;
3) If you believe you have any form of cancer, you must visit your doctor;
4) Using the NOTA is not a replacement for a scheduled examination by a dermatologist, but helps to monitor moles between appointments;
- If NOTA shows the Green zone, you still have to attend your scheduled examination;
- If NOTA shows a Red zone, and there is no upcoming examination, you must see a doctor as soon as possible, even if you don’t display any symptoms;
5) If your doctor says you’re cancer-free, and the NOTA gives the all-clear, too, you should seek a second opinion from another doctor, if you’re unsure you’re not sick.

What we did:
1. We created the NOTA mole tracker that allows you to examine moles at home, between scheduled doctor visits.
2. We’re running a free and anonymous chat for skin cancer patients, so you’re not left alone in your fight against melanoma. The operators will support and advise you.
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Safe and reliable NOTA for $320 $256!
Buy your personal mole tracker and monitor your skin health right in the comfort of your home!

The set includes:
- NOTA mole tracker
- 2 scan heads
- 2 velvet storage bag
- 20 alcohol wipes
- USB cable
We ship worldwide!
NOTA helps examine moles all around the world
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What do I need for NOTA to work?
You need to install our Mobile App on your Bluetooth-enabled phone and a Web connection. If you don’t have access to Internet, you can still store your measurements locally on your phone, and get the results as soon as you go online.
How long does the examination of one mole last?
Up to 20 seconds per mole. The device can examine up to 180 moles an hour.
Will my measurements be saved when I replace my phone?
Yes. Your measurements are synced to your personal account, not just stored on your phone. You can change your phone daily, and still have access to your data on the go using your personal account.
Can I use one device for the whole family?
Yes. You can install the NOTA app on the phones of all family members, create separate accounts for each, and use the same device for all.
How long does the delivery take?
After your payment clears, we transfer your shipping address to our fulfillment partners, who then ship you your order. It takes 7-10 days on average to get to you.
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I am examining my moles, my partner and I want to try to measure the mole on my cat Jumbo!)
Juli Chan
I have experienced melanoma and I know how important it is to detect dangerous melanoma at an early stage
This amazing machine helps to measure my moles and also alerts if it thinks there are anything suspicious!