New way of device testing

During projects lifecycle new features keep causing new errors.
Software programmers are ok. They have lots of tools to solve appearing problems, such as TDD, unit tests, manual tests, continuous integration and much more.

But when looking at world of electronics we see nothing done to solve such problems.

Of course everyone know or have seen big test stands, but few can use them.
We mean that this stands are very expensive and only few engineers can put in hours or days to make it work as needed.

So we decided to create a platform for testing to help engineers in their everyday hard work

Problem: During projects lifecycle new features keep causing new errors.

What do we offer:

    1. Even small pieces of schematic, like dc-dc, adc, dac and more can be tested with help of Fork
    2. Also created test-scripts can help us make automated smoke test, long runs, temperature, consumption test and reports
    3. Schematic pieces integration leads to need of more complex tests but with reuse of previous test-scripts with time saving
    4. As a result we now can test new features influence on previously approved functionality in one test pass
    5. So test-scripts expands with device growth
    6. Now assembling device for preproduction engineer does not forget to test anything
    7. Producing device we make short quality tests, so we just take development tests, cut off them and make them form report
    And don't forget that most of our devices have same nodes so we also don't need to write new tests for them

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