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Inspect your skin at home
Check your mole in 20 seconds

NOTA mole tracker is the first portable self-care device that uses biological impedance analysis to detect skin cancer.

Advanced technology
Well-studied hardware technology combined with an advanced software
Suitable for everyone
Non-invasive mole inspection for adults, children, and elders
Double control
Gadget and an app for mole scanning and mole mapping
How Nota mole tracker works?
Get your NOTA 

Install NOTA Mole Tracker app and pair it with NOTA Mole Tracker device

Use the app 
Measure your mole and take a photo using the app 
Use the device
Scan your skin and mole with the NOTA mole tracker device
Get the result 
Get the scanning result in 20 seconds and mark your mole on the map
Double-checking the moles using NOTA Mole Tracker and dermatoscopy provide 99% precision in identifying melanoma without biopsy.

Melanoma can only be confirmed by a qualified healthcare specialist.
Nota Mole Tracker doesn’t replace a doctor. It’s a tool that helps you monitor your health, detect melanoma early and get a treatment before it progresses.

Learn more about ways to minimize risks associated with melanoma.
High quality device components from Texas Instruments, USA
Reliable IT 
Reliable IT infrastructure, all our servers are located in the US
Quality Assurance
Quality control during the whole production cycle 
Science behind NOTA
Hight Accuracy
Nota Mole Tracker use two-way approach to check suspicious mole. It inspects your moles using bioelectrical impedance analysis and complex neural networks.
Safe and harmless
Bioimpedance analysis is a non-invasive technology used in healthcare for the detection and supervision of cardiac, pulmonary, renal, neural, and infection diseases. The approach is based on measuring how well the body impedes the flow of an electric current.
Combining Technology 
Normal moles and melanoma have different amounts of water in them and respond differently to an electrical impulse. In the process of spectrometric analysis and subsequent computer processing, the NOTA mole tracker calculates the distribution of total melanin in the neoplasm, dermal melanin, hemoglobin, collagen.
Additional opinion
NOTA mole tracker analyses the different layers of skin at a depth up to 2 mm and provides valuable information for differential diagnosis by a qualified healthcare specialist.
Nota Mole Tracker bundle
2 scan heads
different size heads for the Nota mole tracker device
Nota mole tracker
device built of high quality components from Texas Instruments
The Nota mole tracker set
also includes the USB charging cable
Velvet storage bag
for safe storage of the tracker scan heads
Alcohol wipes
20 alcohol wipes are included
Velvet tracker storage bag for safe storage of the device
NOTA mobile app is an essential addition
to the NOTA mole tracker
Convenient application for your smartphone. Available on iOS and Android. 
Body map
Mark moles on the map
Set size
Enter the size of the mole
Take a picture and scan moles with NOTA Mole Tracker device
You can set reminders of next scan mole for track changes over time
Read more health information on mole, skin
Skin advisor
Gives advice and helps you
Check your moles with NOTA
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