How to optimize production with a Fork test fixture?

In this article, we will talk about how you can free up 9 PC using the test fixture on the Fork.
We use the concept of 1:1 in the company - each orange test fixture has its own computer. The test fixture for our NOTA are no exception. The boards of the personal mole tracker were tested on two orange test fixture connected to two PC.
And if we decided to make 9 stands, then schematically it would be like this:
Each orange stand is connected to a laptop via USB
BUT! In this scenario, there is a need for 9 PC, and this is additional spending, which will lead to an increase in the cost of production and an increase in the price of the final product. And what to do with these computers after checking the boards?

Let's look at the details: the worker who tests the boards on the test fixture does not need a computer. He needs two light bulbs: red and green-the test is passed or failed.
The non-working board will be handled by the debugger, and it has a completely different toolkit.
That is, after the end of the tests on the stands, there is no place to use this number of computers. We'll have to wait for a new test.

As you know, our Fork works over Ethernet and Wifi, so the 1:1 concept can be optimized to 1:n (where n - is the required number of fixture), i.e. one computer is enough for several orange test fixture.
If we imagine a test room, it will look like a lot of orange test fixture and one computer that performs all the tests in a given sequence.For example, 10 stands-saving 9 computers and monitors.
Most often, new PC are not put on production for the sake of saving money, but even old machines need to be rented/bought somewhere. And with the test fixture on our Fork, you can not put anything at all, but easily do with just one laptop. So much for optimization!
Assemble your test stand
Below you can order the key components of our stand at a favorable price and assemble your assistant for automated testing.
Orange stand
for 100 pieces
FORK + PowerUSBhub

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