NOTA mole tracker

Experiment: Is the sun so dangerous for a mole?

Everyone has heard about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. And most importantly, everyone knows that excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. But, any person believes that " this will not affect me/ I also sunbathe a little/ with benefits/ for the production of vitamin D/ I have a vacation" and everything in that spirit.

Therefore, we decided to clearly show that even a short-term stay in direct sun without protective equipment causes harm, which can be noticed with the help of NOTA.

To do this, we take a device, an application and choose a mole that is initially healthy. The location is the upper part of the abdomen, i.e. the mole is constantly hidden from the sun by clothing.
General data: Fitzpatrick phototype - II, i.e. the object's skin is light, the tan goes badly, there is a high risk of getting a sunburn.

Next, we collect our things and go to take sun and river baths. At the time of the collection, the UV index application showed 6 points, i.e. you can stay in the open sun without protective equipment for no more than 50 minutes.
It would seem that we will not do this, because the first desire is to be in the water, and only then in the sun.

1.5 hours have passed. We make a measurement of the mole
As you can see, the NOTA noticed changes in the mole. And this is despite the fact that most of these one and a half hours the subject was in the water(the ratio is about 60 minutes in the water, 30 minutes in the sun). Additional symptoms include fever and a slight itching near the mole, which means getting a slight sunburn.

We check the mole through the photo application.
Not concerning… And if there is really nothing suspicious outwardly, then the sensations say the opposite.

What is the conclusion from all this:
The bioimpedance method notices used by NOTA changes in the nevus even after a short stay in the sun without protection(sunscreen, clothing).
Applications for detecting changes in moles using photos are ineffective. Including magnifying glasses, since they make only a good photo, but do not examine the composition of the mole.
Do not neglect sun protection products, even if it seems to you that you will not burn in the sun.

I wish you good health and take care of yourself and your skin!

P.S. When measured a day later, when the itching and skin temperature passed, NOTA showed that everything was fine with the mole.