Actinic keratosis: photos, symptoms, treatment

In this article we will talk about the methods of treatment of actinic keratosis with proven effectiveness.
Actinic keratosis (AK) is one of the most common pathological conditions that are diagnosed and treated by American dermatologists[1]. It is important to treat this skin disease, as actinic keratosis is considered a precancerous condition.

Most often, the focus of actinic keratosis is located on the face and looks like a reddish spot that does not protrude above the skin level or protrudes minimally.
The dermatoscopic picture of actinic keratosis rarely presents difficulties for diagnosis: against the background of homogeneous erythema (specific redness of the skin caused by a rush of blood to the capillaries), an underlined pattern of hair follicles is noted, which together form a "strawberry" pattern – a pattern resembling the surface of a well-known berry.
In clinical practice, different variants of its manifestation are possible:
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