Instructions for using the NOTA Mole Tracker app and device

Technical information
Rated Input
Nominal Capacity Battery
Nominal Voltage Battery
Charging Voltage Limitation
Data Transfer
Input interface
USB Type-C
Net Weight
Battery Type
Li-ion Battery
Working hours
1 hour of active use
Device maintenance
Safety precautions
Don’t get the NOTA Mole Tracker wet or immerse it in water.
Don’t throw away, device needs eco-friendly recycling.
Don’t throw.
Do not use NOTA Mole Tracker when it is charging.
Things you need to know before using NOTA Mole Tracker
Does not offer any medical advice or diagnoses. We merely facilitate a possibility to self-monitor.
By using sensitive electrodes, device can measure tiny differences in bioimpedance in the skin and moles.
To obtain good results, it is imperative to use alcohol wipes (without fragrances).
Store device and extra scanning head in the carrying velvet bag to prevent the gold plating from rubbing off.
The warranty time
The warranty time of the NOTA Mole Tracker device is 1 year. During the entire warranty period of service, keep the transport and personal packaging of the device, as well as all components.
The warranty void, if:
- Damage caused by improper use;
- Damage caused by improper storage or maintenance;
- Any kinds of mechanical damage;
- Any kinds of repairing or modifications
APP Permission
- To turn on Bluetooth;
- To receive notifications during the sleep mode;
- To access the photo storage;
- To access the camera
Quick start
Download and install the NOTA Mole Tracker App from the App Store/Google Play.
Registrate with email.
Switch on the NOTA Mole Tracker device: press the button and hold it for a few seconds until the blue light starts flashing.
Pairing the NOTA Mole Tracker device with APP: please ensure that bluetooth function at your smartphone is turned on, or let the APP to turn on Bluetooth.

Attention: When you connect your device and Android phone for the first time, turn on geolocation. Your location data is not transmitted to us. This is a Google requirement and we cannot cancel it.
Mark the mole on the map.
Enter the size of the mole in inch/mm.
Connect recommended head to device.
Take a photo of the mole and crop the image so that the mole occupies the largest part of the frame.
Take alcohol wipes (20 pieces in a set), wipe the skin area near the mole.
Take the NOTA Mole Tracker, apply it to the wiped area and press the button on the device. The scanning of the reference area will start. Note: Scanning of the reference area is needed for more accurate results.
Wipe the mole with an alcohol wipe.
Take the NOTA Mole Tracker, apply it to the wiped mole, according to the selected area on the phone. The scanning of the mole will start.
Note: If the selected mole is small, then one square will be highlighted on the screen. If the selected mole is large, apply the device according to the highlighted area on the screen.
After scanning you get the results with areas marked by green or red color. Note: red color - you have to pay attention, green color - everything is fine.
Then you get to the recommendations section, where you have to read the recommendations and set up alerts for subsequent scans.
Device maintenance
Device status
Color code
No connection
Blinks blue
There is a connection
Lights up blue
Blinks green
Blinks yellow
Charging is complete
Blinks green
The battery is low
Blinks red
Error(non-working device)
Lights up red
The battery is completely empty
Blinks red 3 times and turns off
Color designation
Replacement of the scanning head
Storage of NOTA and scanning head
Resetting your password in the app
Package contents:
Leave your contacts and ask a question about the operation of the device or app
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