On this page, we answer frequently asked questions about the device. If you didn't find an answer, please ask your question using the feedback form.
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Where to find instructions
We have prepared the instructions section on the NOTA website. Please follow the link https://notamole.com/instructions or scan the QR code on the back of the box.
How to turn on/off the device
Press and hold the button on the case for a few seconds.
NOTA does not connect to the phone
Check if Bluetooth and geolocation(Android) are enabled. If not, enable them yourself.
The app writes "Poor/No contact"
Wipe the measurement area again with an alcohol wipe. The skin or mole should be slightly moist. It is also important where you take the measurements - if it is your stomach, then tighten your muscles, as you need a stop for better contact.
What wipes to use
We recommend using odorless wipes soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol. When you run out of wipes from the NOTA set, you can find the right alcohol in a hardware or electronics store and wipe your skin with sponges. We want to note that the main thing is to use napkins with the same alcohol impregnation, as the results may differ. When you run out of wipes from the NOTA set, you need to buy others, make a trial measurement and make sure that the measurement results are the same, and continue to use only such wipes.
No ruler at hand
In fact, there's nothing wrong with not having a ruler handy. You can enter the size of the mole "by eye". The size affects the number of measurements of the mole - the larger it is, the more times you will need to do examinations.
Red zone
There are quite a few reasons why NOTA shows the result in red. And it doesn't have to be cancer right away. Repeat the measurement of the mole after a couple of days. If the result is still "Red Zone", then you should consult a doctor for detailed advice. You can read about the reasons why the device shows red: https://notamole.com/suspect
Chess coloring
This can happen when measuring large moles, and this is normal. If there is at least one red zone, then the mole is considered dangerous and requires monitoring. Repeat the measurement after a few days - if the result does not change, consult your doctor.
Two heads - two results
A small head is more sensitive and is suitable for measuring bulging moles, which in most cases are often inflamed, as they rub against clothes or are more easily injured. If the heads show you different results, repeat the measurement after a couple of days. If the situation does not change, we recommend that you show the nevus to your doctor. You can read more about large moles in our blog, here: https://notamole.com/suspect
The application constantly sends a code to the mail
Click "Remember me" and the problem will be solved. However, if you log out of the app via "Log out", the codes will be sent because that is how the user is identified and the app understands that the account is not stolen.
The application does not send a code to the mail
Try to log out and log back in to the app and enter your username and password. An email with the code will be sent to the email address specified during registration in the period from 0 seconds to 20 minutes. Check the spam, maybe the email got there.
App to another phone
All your measurements and photos of moles are stored on a cloud server and linked to your account. Deleting the app does not delete the account, so you can change your smartphone, and your NOTA measurements will still be with you