Won't become a swan

In this article we will talk about the Ugly Duckling type of self-examination.
The Ugly Duckling is another warning sign of melanoma. This recognition strategy is based on the concept that most normal moles on your body resemble one another, while melanomas stand out like ugly ducklings in comparison. This highlights the importance of not just checking for irregularities, but also comparing any suspicious spot to surrounding moles to determine whether it looks different from its neighbors. These ugly duckling lesions or outlier lesions can be larger, smaller, lighter or darker, compared to surrounding moles. Also, isolated lesions without any surrounding moles for comparison are considered ugly ducklings.
Remember: skin cancer can be effectively treated if an early diagnosis is made and changes are noticed in a timely manner.
NOTA - check your moles!
Safe, or a lurking danger? Check your mole and get the result in 20 seconds!
NOTA measures the impedance (resistance) of cells and gives the result. The bioimpedance method has been recognized by the FDA as a method of noninvasive (without biopsy) diagnosis of skin cancer.

NOTA does not replace a doctor, but helps to find dangerous changes as early as possible and win the most important thing - time for the treatment of the disease!
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