A chat where you will be supported

Artes Electronics has launched an app for those who have been diagnosed with Skin Cancer.
Artes Electronics company has launched a new product - Artes Union app, where anyone who has been diagnosed with melanoma can communicate directly with people who have survived cancer or are currently under treatment.

90% of melanoma survivors (based on an independent survey) who have been treated and achieved remission admit that they lacked support from "equal" people, that is, patients with the same diagnosis. Especially in the first few days. At the moment of acceptance and awareness of the diagnosis, it is important not to lock yourself in, but to talk to someone who will understand and help calm down, and tune in to the treatment of skin cancer with new energy. People who have already encountered melanoma are willing to share their experience, so Artes Electronics caught fire with the idea to simplify such communication and create a special application.

After 11 months of development, Artes Electronics has launched a beta version of Artes Union chat. The application is free and is available for Android devices from today in Google play. The iOS version also appeared in the App Store at the end of June. Now operators from all over the world who have survived melanoma and other types of skin cancer are actively connected to the app.

A little bit about the product: the app got its name from the first Greek library known to man, Artes. This library included works on various spheres of life at that time, including medicine. This name perfectly describes the goal that is laid in the app - a comprehensive approach to a person. Therefore, the chat of warriors with melanoma is only the first step, in the future new features related to health and self-care will be added to the Artes Union app.
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