Chantelle, South Africa/ English

Now her is fighting with melanoma
15 Nov 2019, at 23 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. We decided I would carry my little girl to 33 weeks so that I can start treatment and at 33 weeks complications for her would be lower. On 20 Jan 2020 she was born.

21 Jan I had my first scan. Results showed the cancer had spread to my breasts and liver. Pathology reports showed the cancer had spread to my placenta... This is the toughest fight of my life but my faith will get me through with this page I hope to help and inspire others. We are all stronger than we think and it's only until we are tested do we realise how brave we can be.
Chantelle died on May 20, 2022. This page is saved in memory of her
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