To cut or pull out?

In this article, we will answer the question of how to remove hair that grows from the nevus
Recently we came across an article that pulling hair out of a nevus (mole) leads to its growth. The author could not confirm the information with the source, and our correspondence ended with the proposal "to search, read, learn" by ourselves "in the open access". This approach is always very frustrating :(

If a person has worked with sources, it is not very difficult for him to throw off the link. If there are difficulties with this, then the logical question is "there such a source at all”? or is it just "I see it that way"?

Fortunately, we love to search for the truth, so we decided to dig around and find at least some studies that have keywords:
✅ pull/pick out, draw, pluck, twitch, tweeze
✅ hair, pie
✅ nevus, mole
✅ growth
We will also add other methods of epilation with "pulling out":
✅ waxing
✅ elect electrolysis

Were looking for materials on and

⏳ ⌛ ⏳ ⌛

Did we find something? No. Maybe at least something?

There was one work describing one (!) case in which the authors found signs of perifollicular fibrosis (not associated with either growth or melanoma) in a remote nevus from which a woman pulled out her hair (PMID 26735647).

Therefore, no conclusions can be drawn that melanoma develops when pulling out, based on one case. The degree of evidence for this publication does not differ much from zero.

We admit that we expected a slightly more weighty justification for categorical recommendations like: "Cut it! You can't pull it out"!

Therefore, until there is a study with a large evidence base on the question "To cut or pull out?" we answer: "As you like it better."
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