NOTA for $199 instead of $329

Personal mole tracker at a special price until July 28, 2021

Your assistant in making a diagnosis: measure the mole using the impedance and get data about the nevus cells

There are many factors that cause skin cancer:
Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer,
and it cleverly disguises itself as an ordinary mole.

You can significantly improve the patient's reception by examining the nevus through a dermatoscope and checking it with NOTA - this way you will be sure that the patient needs a biopsy.
Sunlight and UV light
Radiation, X-rays, a virus on injuries
Hormonal imbalances
Light skin and hair type
Reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies - identify only really dangerous moles!
Scientific fact: when passing a weak electrical signal, a melanoma is different from a healthy mole.
NOTA embodies the achievements of scientists from the 60s of the last century.

The essence of the technology is to compare the signal from a known healthy area of the skin and a suspicious one.
NOTA measurements are absolutely safe, and can be used when measuring moles in children, the elderly, and pregnant women
The bioimpedance technology that NOTA uses can be found in fitness trackers that count your calories, as well as in smart scales that determine your body composition(muscle, fat, and bone).

NOTA for $199 instead of $329

Personal mole tracker at a special price until July 28, 2021
How to use NOTA at the reception of patients?
Take a picture of a mole through the app
Explore the mole with NOTA
Get the result in 20 seconds
All mole examinations are in your phone
The NOTE easily fits in the palm of your hand, and you can take it on work trips or charity inspections
Suspicious moles require periodic monitoring. In the app, you can set up reminders for each such nevus
The app also keeps a history of measurements of each moles and you can compare them with each other
Personal Patient Profile
The patient will install the application on his phone, will be able to enter diagnoses after the appointment, and also puts reminders for the next examination.
One for all
You can measure NOTA an unlimited number of patients
We have made a detailed video tutorial on how to use the device and our specialist is always ready to answer your questions
Safe and reliable NOTA for $199!
Our promotion is valid only for the period of passing the FDA certification. Then the price will increase to $329 per device.

The set includes:
- device
- 2 heads(for small and large nevi)
- velvet storage bag
- alcohol wipes
- USB cable
We ship NOTA to any continent on the planet!
NOTA examines moles around the world
You make an order
We contact you to clarify the details and receive payment
We collect the parcel and send it by the shipping company
On average, you will receive the parcel in 10 days after payment
What do I need for NOTA to work?
Phone with the app installed, Bluetooth, Internet. However, even if you do not have the Internet right now(for example, you are on the road), all measurements will be saved in your phone and you will get the results after the Internet connection is restored.
How long does the examination of one mole last?
20 seconds per mole. For an hour of active operation of the device, you can examine up to 180 moles.
Will my measurements be saved when I replace my phone?
Yes. Your measurements are linked to your personal account, not your phone. You can change your smartphone at least every day, the main thing is to remember your username and password from your account.
Can I use one device for the whole family?
Yes. To do this, you can install the NOTA app on the phones of all family members, create separate accounts and use the same device for all.
How long does the delivery take?
After payment, your address immediately gets to the fulfillment, from which NOTA goes to you. On average, delivery takes 7-10 days.
Leave your contacts and get your tracker for skin monitoring!
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