Gitex: reborn or stagnation...

A short report on our company's trip to GITEX Global Week 2021
The biggest tech event in MENA region took place in the middle of October in Dubai. We couldn't miss the opportunity to participate there as healthtech company and got ready for a trip with Artes Electronics CEO Vassiliy Zotov. The whole exhibition consists of 5 co-events dedicated
to AI, Fintech, Blockchain, Marketing and Startups, for sure. Lots of conferences, workshops, presentations, networking events were announced there, so we were really excited to be the part of this show.

We've purchased the visitors tickets and started to prepare our networking there. And here we were in for a first surprise. The matchmaking system and the app didn't work up to one week week prior the event. So, I was trying to knock via LinkedIn to those visitors, delegates, speakers and exhibitors mentioned on Gitex's website to arrange a meeting during the event. Can't tell you all of them were successfull, but till the time when the app starts working we had around 30 pending and 10 confirmed meetings on the list.

And here we go, Oct 15th came, after all PCR tests and night flights passed, we arrived Dubai with its +35С early in the morning. We were totally ready to start rush headlong into a business deal on 17th, but the secong surprise came in at the first day of the exhibition. The app stopped working at all and nobody could login to the system to check the scheduled meetings. So we were totally helpless as the blind kittens during the first day, but it was a chance to take a look aroung all over 10 exhibition halls, enjoy all the latest technologies presented on the booths of international tech giants and local governments. I can tell you, we were really impressed and shocked, and sometimes not in a good way;)

To be honest, the next 3 days were quite smooth in the technical way, we had a lot of interesting meetings which I belive will escalate into fruitful mutual cooperation.

For sure we met some inconveniences due to modern security and safety rules: it's quite difficult to communicate in the crowded place having your face mask always on, not talking about breathing the whole day through it. But this is our new reality and we should have to aquired taste.

All in all, health and safety precautions were on the high level not only at the exhibition, but also in the city. Dubai really impressed us with ultramodern buildings, unusual museums, luxury shopping and idyllic beachside lifestyle. The right example of how to invest your petrodollars:)

Moreover, the local government is implementing the VC strategy called Spray and Pray in its best way by inviting the most future-oriented and innovative startups to join the local entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Now we're successfully back to work full of energy to win new summits, create innovative products and visit new exhibitions, of course.

Stay tuned here!
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