Recommendations for protecting the skin from melanoma/skin cancer (before use should be agreed with your doctor):
  • When the UV index is more than 3 , - to be in the shadow. If this is not possible-clothing that covers the skin as much as possible, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses marked CE 2/3/4, 400UV or UV100%, on exposed skin - sunscreen SPF50. Read more
  • When removing skin formations on a wide base, a mandatory histological examination is required.
  • Self-examination of all skin once a month for changes in the color, shape, size of moles, or to identify moles that are significantly different from the rest, as well as using the ABCDE rule and the NOTA mole tracker device.
  • Monitoring the level of vitamin D in the blood. Correction of the level of the endocrinologist in the detection of deficiency.
  • Recommended examination of first-line relatives (mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister).
  • Exclude the use of a tanning salon.
  • Calculate your risk of developing skin cancer using a calculator