Friday's Story: NOTA vs herpes

In such articles we will talk about interesting clinical cases of dermatologists who use NOTA at the reception of patients.

Today we want to talk about a case from Dr. Perez Ares Ruz from Mexico.
The first photo shows the remainder of the blister with which the patient came.
The doctor removed it and sent it for a biopsy. It turned out that this sore is caused by the herpes virus.
The second photo is after healing. NOTA showed green, which means that all inflammatory processes have passed and the sore is not dangerous. That's it:)
Thanks to the impedance method, the device is able to notice inflammation and any other changes in the mole or on the skin.

If the NOTA is shown in red, take a measurement after a while. If it was a slight inflammation (or mole burned in the sun), then everything will pass in a few days. If the device showed red again, be sure to show the mole to the doctor!
Reviewer Dr. Jessica Perez Ares Ruz, oncodermatology, cosmetology, Mexico
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