Checking moles with NOTA

We live in a rapidly changing technological world.
New gadgets appear and information is updated at such a speed that sometimes our brain does not have time to process this information. And we also want to gawp at outlandish objects that are designed to change our lives for the better. And just recently, we found such a store of the future, which already has our flagship product, the Nota Mole Tracker.
Well, not that we found... Or rather, they found us, which made us very happy :)

The Latest is not a store as you know it. It is a place of discovery for those who are looking for exciting experiences. The Latest is a platform designed for a forward-thinking audience, which we believe you are, and a springboard for the boldest innovations like us.

And this is not only a website that brings together the most innovative products from around the world today, but also 2 regular stores in the heart of Berlin and Munich, where you can check out the latest innovations in technology, fashion, fitness, mobility, beauty and much more.
May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Together with The Latest, we conduct free testing of moles using NOTA and will be glad to see you in two stores in Germany.
We have written tons of materials about the importance of constant self-checking of our skin and moles. Many of you know about this from our articles and doctors but cannot afford to buy Nota Mole Tracker due to external factors. Our team, in collaboration with The Latest, decided to bring you the opportunity dedicated to Melanoma Awareness Month. Throughout May, all visitors to The Latest stores can check their moles and understand how our Nota Mole Tracker works for free.

Don't miss your chance to visit The Latest stores in Berlin and Munich to see our Nota Mole Tracker in action and have it checked out for free.
Follow us on social media for more updates on new locations available around the world.

Stay healthy.
The Latest Store
Kurfürstendamm 38
10719 Berlin

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday
10am - 7pm
+49 30 88624 161
Sendlinger Str. 3,
80331 München

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday
10am - 7pm
+49 30 88624 161
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