Skin cancer warrior
(Basal cell carcinoma)
43 years; mother to a 13 years old kid
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In November 2016, when waking up I realized that my pillow was brushed with a lot of blood. Initially I thought it was from my nose but also, I noticed an un-colored scratch on my left cheek near my nose and a little below my eye.
I decided to visit a derma-oncologist on January 2017 and I was diagnosed with an infiltrated Basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer but still dangerous if not detected on time.
From that day, my life changed completely. This developed in an exhausting 4 years of regular visits to my doctors, 3 major surgeries in the same area and 3 major facial reconstructions.
I now understand the damage the sun does to your skin.
As the skin is the biggest organ in your body, we are all candidates to develop malignant moles. Unfortunately, in Mexico and Latin country’s we don’t have too much information or real statistics about this disease, and we are exposed to sunny days almost all year round.
I decided to share my story and all the process I’ve been through in a beautiful project called @ourskin_our_story to raise skin cancer awareness, especially because we can’t lose more time in not protecting our little ones.