Principles of Artes Electronics

The device helps to increase the probability of detecting dangerous moles and spots on the skin between scheduled visits to the doctor, but it does not replace them.
Skin cancer is the only cancer that we are able to see. And this means-to prevent the disease at the initial stage. But the key word here is " initial”. Unfortunately, an annual visit to the doctor does not always help with this. There is even the concept of " interinterval cancer”, when a person develops oncology between doctor's examinations.

Our device is designed just so that anyone can examine a new spot or mole between examinations and if something is wrong-contact a specialist as soon as possible. Because it is the time factor that determines the success of treatment of any disease in general.

We are for traditional medicine, in which the diagnosis is made by a doctor after a personal examination of the patient and a histological examination (if required). But we are also for the fact that there is not one main thing in the “patient-doctor” pair. It should be a well-coordinated team, where the doctor analyzes the changes and conducts the necessary procedures and studies, and the person conducts a self-diagnosis between appointments.
With NOTA, it is convenient to do this because your measurements are always at hand, in your phone. Examining the spots with the device, a double self-diagnosis is obtained: first, physical, with the help of an impedance that “looks” deep into the skin at 2mm, and secondly, visual, since you can compare photos of the mole with each other. But this does not negate the fact that if NOTA showed the Green zone, and you have a meeting with the doctor scheduled, you can not go to it. On the contrary, be sure to go to the reception.
If the device showed Red zone, and it is far from a scheduled examination, then it is worth getting to the doctor as soon as possible.
In particularly suspicious cases or when you have been diagnosed with a serious diagnosis, use a second opinion.

If you are at risk of developing melanoma, then visit specialized forums, ask questions in chats with melanoma survivor, read as many articles as possible on the Internet. It is not superfluous to get acquainted with the ABCDE and Ugly duck protocols, as well as see photos of different types of skin cancer.
The more information you have, the higher the probability of recognizing cancer at an early stage, when the probability of cure is 99% or higher.

And remember, your health is in your hands! Take care of yourself.

Measurement of NOTA pieces of breast cancer biopsy
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