NOTA Mole Tracker – Take Charge of Your Skin At Home
A major breakthrough in scientific: research let's us check any changes of our moles – it is as easy as taking your temperature at home!
a surprisingly effective app-powered mole tracker
NOTA works by measuring the bioimpedance
of moles on your skin.
There are multiple reasons why they may appear
Or have grown and/or changed color shouldbe taken seriously and checked
Sunlight and UV light
Radiation, X-rays, a virus on injuries
Hormonal imbalances
Those moles that show up after sunbathing
They began to itch
Melanoma is the most dangerous type
of skin cancer
The American Cancer Society's estimates about 100,350 new melanomas will be diagnosed
in the United States.

Of those, 6,850 are expected to be fatal.
The rates of melanoma have been rising
rapidly over the past few decades.
That's why monitoring your moles is vital. Before, you were only able to do it by paying close attention to any changes in your moles. NOTA is the most accurate and convenient way to track your moles.
NOTA makes monitoring your moles easier and more accurate
The technology behind NOTA
By using super-sensitive electrodes, NOTA
can measure tiny differences in bioimpedance
in the skin and specifically, within your moles.

As long as the cell contents are normal, NOTA will show a green light. When the light turns yellow or red, this indicates abnormalities
and changes in your mole.
Beautiful NOTA for $269!
The NOTA smart phone application for mole tracking
The mobile app allows you to track your moles and any changes over time.

It also offers regularly updated health information on skin, moles, and how to properly care for them.
Throughout the year, we're conducting research together with doctors and their patients. We've collected data on impedance of thousands of moles to create a neural network that would recognize anomalies.
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