Top 9 onco-myths

In this article we will dispel 9 common oncomyphs.
Myth #1: Cancer treatment is harder than cancer itself!

In most cases, the treatment of oncological diseases is complex. That is, it consists of several stages: surgery / radiation therapy / drug therapy.
Yes, the treatment can be long, but thanks to this, the disease goes into remission.

Myth #2: Deodorants, antiperspirants and so on lead to cancer.

Non-use of antiperspirants / deodorants leads to an unpleasant smell of the armpits, but certainly not to cancer.

Myth #3: Smartphones emit cancer.

Then why was cancer before smartphones?
And why, with the advent of these technical devices, the number of oncological diseases has not increased by 1000 times? Smartphones are not a source of cancer.

Myth #4: After radiation therapy/CT/PET/MRI/X-ray, a person becomes radioactive.

With all these studies, the radiation load is so low that you will have to be examined 24/7 for about 70 years to start emitting radiation. And then it is no longer known from what will die earlier - from radiation exposure or from old age.

Myth #5: If my great-grandmother had cancer, then so will I.

Hereditary syndromes occur in 5-10% of cases. Basically, this is our dismissive attitude to lifestyle.

Myth #6: Cancer can be cured by bodily practices.

Bodily practices can do a lot of things. Improve your mental health, sit on the splits and put your leg behind your ear, but you can't cure cancer.

Myth #7: People have never had cancer before.

There were even special types of cancer that are not there now. For example, scrotal cancer. This oncodiagnosis was found only in chimney sweeps!

Myth #8: Sugar provokes cancer.

Sugar is the cause of tooth decay and obesity.
But obesity is a risk factor for cancer. That is, it's about the amount of sugar, not sugar as such.

Myth #9: A benign tumor can become cancer.

A benign tumor can live in every organ, and not every one of them can turn into cancer.
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