We believe every marker
of health should have
its own "thermometer" equivalent
A new device called NOTA could be the key to catching skin cancers like melanoma early
Interesting Engineering
1 out of 8 women is at risk of breast cancer, detecting cancer at early stage saves life
Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, know more how to prevent it
Story and Team
NOTA is a collaboration between engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and designers who are dedicated to creating portable devices that improve people's lives from the palm of their hand.

We bring together a vast collective
of professional experience from many industries, giving us the creativity
to create truly inspiring, world-changing smart gadgets.
We believe every marker of health should have its own "thermometer" equivalent,
an at-home detection device that
is simple and easy to use.

By bringing these devices into existence, we are helping to create a healthier world.
From each gadget sold, we will donate a portion of the profit to help breast and skin cancer patients
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