How to improve and build your self confidence

In this article, a psychologist will answer the question and give advice.
Most people have experienced failure in one or more areas of their lives. Although failure is quite common, we have to learn to move on and do better by being more confident. Self-confidence is important because it is the foundation of all success and achievement.

How to become more confident:
  • Expose yourself to your fears regularly in order to expand your capabilities and your character. Doing something that you would consider challenging or confronting a fear, expands your self-worth and makes you more confident.
  • Most people try to avoid failure, even though it is the stepping stone to success. What you see as failure is actually valuable information and feedback that can teach you how to succeed.
  • Setbacks are opportunities for you to see your potential and empower you to make changes from the lessons you have learned.
  • Getting help from a trusted source like a coach, mentor, or leader can give you a different perspective on challenging situations and your capabilities.
  • Being empathetic and compassionate to yourself helps you to face cope with failure without shame.
  • Self-worth and self-compassion come from within so it is important to be a fan of yourself and affirm your capabilities by utilizing the power of I am.
  • Focus on what you are passionate about and challenge yourself to fulfill your deepest desires.
  • Although life can be unpredictable, you can always succeed by applying your life’s lesson, utilizing what resonates with you, letting go of what doesn’t and living your life by your design.
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