What to ask the doctor when examining a mole?

In the story below, we will try to give an answer
Karina (our COO) had two large moles on her back. We tested NOTA on them even when the device was a single board with chips without a case. Then the device showed that the moles are suspicious, but it all came down to a joke "The device fails". That was over a year ago.
The next measurement was made in March 2021, and when the NOTA again showed that the moles were suspicious, Karina thought about it and went to a dermatologist.

After examining the moles, the doctor said: "These are ordinary nevi, just large ones. They are benign, but since the moles regularly rub against the clothes, they are constantly injured and there is a slight inflammation". The NOTA reacted to this inflammation both the first and second time.

So what can happen if the nevus is regularly inflamed?
The answer was simple: the mole will grow and can be reborn into something else. Even something malignant. And this is a real medical practice, confirmed by hundreds of clinical cases.

So what to do with such nevi?
There are two ways: the first is to be regularly observed by a dermatologist, i.e. to go to appointments every 3-4 months. The second is to remove the nevus. The patient decides which path to follow.

Our Vice CEO removed two moles and now it is cancer-free (i.e., the removed nevi will not be reborn).

And now the conclusion from the whole story:
On the one hand - the usual nevi, which the NOTA considered suspicious. The patient removed them, the doctor confirmed that this is the right decision. On the other hand-if your device shows that moles are suspicious, and the doctor says otherwise, ask him 2 questions:
Is the mole injured?
Are there any inflammatory processes?
And after receiving the answers, make a decision - to observe the nevus further or to say goodbye to it forever.
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