Skin type and how to choose a sunscreen for them?

In this article we will talk about what types of skin there are and how to choose the right sunscreen based on the strength of the UV index.
Defining the phototype

The defining characteristic of the phototype of the skin is its photosensitivity, its natural ability to protect itself from the sun, that is, to produce melanin under the influence of ultraviolet light. The higher this ability, the lower the risk of burns, and hence the development of skin cancer.

There are six phototypes in total. To determine your own, you do not need to sit in the sun with a stopwatch and wait for the skin to turn red. External parameters serve as reference points:

1) skin tone;
2) eye and hair color;
3) number of freckles.
Choosing the degree of protection

The necessary degree of protection from the sun depends not only on the phototype, but also on the activity of the sun, which increases with the arrival of the warm season and geographical proximity to the equator.

It is obvious that representatives of the V and VI phototypes, who never burn, formally do not need a sunscreen. However, even dermatologists recommend using sanskrit with an average SPF to protect the skin from the effects of UVA rays, which provoke early aging, age spots and skin cancer.
Sunscreen effectively helps to effectively protect the skin from premature aging. But it is also worth noting that with the right selection of funds and regular use, you can significantly reduce the chances of getting skin cancer. Take care of yourself!
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